Meet rory

Hey, I’m Rory.

In 2016, I started looking for ways to replace my wife’s income so she could stay home with our newborn.

That journey took me through several business models with varying levels of success. Let’s call it a crash course in marketing and entrepreneurship.

But, in 2017, a friend of mine asked for help with Facebook ads for his real estate company.

I’d spent 18 months inside Ads Manager almost daily, and figured – what the heck – I’ll share some pointers.

When he offered to hire me, I realized I had a skill that businesses would pay for.

Having just found out I was being medically discharged from the Army, the timing was perfect. Like it or not, I needed to replace my full-time income, and fast.

So, I put my head down and started looking for clients. In just 12 weeks, I had replaced my Army income completely.

(Who knew this online marketing thing could work so well?!)

Fun fact: I landed my first big client two days after my son was born. They went on to be my longest-running client of all time (here’s lookin’ at you JB!).

Five years later, and our team has been as big as 8 people in 4 countries. We’ve managed more than $11 million in ad spend for clients, and turned that into more than $50 million in revenue.


When I’m not leading a team of crack marketers, you’ll find me:

  • Playing with my kids
  • Watching The Great British Baking Show with my wife
  • Listening to Graham Hancock
  • Or building a vacation house with my in-laws.
But – fair warning – only bring up the following topics if you’ve got a LOT of time to kill:
  • Scotch, or any whisky really (and if you spell whisky with an ‘e’, be prepared to explain yourself)
  • Claw-machine strategies
  • The Big Lebowski

And I know, I know, there are some things you’re just never supposed to talk about…but how else can we come together?

In the little spare time I do have, I cherish a deeper discussion on things like:

  • Psychedelics/microdosing
  • God/Spirituality
  • Anything exercise & diet-related
  • The importance of values
  • All things decision-making
I look forward to the opportunity for many future conversations with you. 🙂

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